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Jan Boyce Avocado

Jan Boyce Avocado

As many of you know they give out sample avocados with the trees at the Green Scene CRFG booth. The avocado that came with my Jan Boyce ripened today so I thought I'd post about it in case anyone is interested.

I figured that many of the avocados given out were picked at sub-optimal times since they were picked for the sale. But, I had heard that Jan Boyce peaks around May, so I was cautiously optimistic.

When I cut it open I was a bit worried that it was going to be watery or bland because it had a very light appearance. But I was very pleasantly surprised at the flavor. It was indeed excellent tasting. It was similar to other good avocados, but the flavor was a bit more intense than others I've had - definitely the opposite of bland.

I've often wondered if it was over-hyped, but it does seem to deserve the attention that it has received. I wouldn't begin to claim that it is the best because there are so many varieties that I haven't tried plus it is really hard to compare when they aren't all available at the same time. But it has to rank up there with the best I've had. My six year old daughter thought so too - I had to compete with her for the slices.

In any case, hopefully I'll be able to keep my tree alive and have my own supply some day but if not at least I got something out of the purchase.

Now here's hoping that the Sharwil also ripens well.

The following thread was started by Ted Allen, Chino Hills CA on April 22, 2010 at 8:33 pm PST

Avos from Green Scene...

Ted, I am glad the JB was good. I think we may have spoken at the show. I talked to a gentleman that had JB and Sharwill over by the food court. Anyway, what are your plans for planting? Are you going straight in the ground....or re-pot in a larger pot first? I got a small Nimlioh and Queen varieties. I am excited...hehe.

The above followup was added by Ed of Somis on April 23, 2010 at 6:38 am PST.

Will plant in ground

I think that I'll plant in ground as you and Jack had suggested. I just need to wait for the ground to dry out a bit from this recent rain.

It's very possible that we talked at green scene. I talked to a number of people and I'm really bad about not introducing myself or getting other peoples names.

Did you get avocados with either of your trees? I didn't get one with my queen. I saw that Julie had one out in the main basket, but I didn't ask for it because I knew that it was serving as their attention-getter.

I didn't see any Nimlioh trees, so I think you may have gotten there before me or maybe I just missed it. I had a hard time finding the CRFG tent so I circled the entire grounds before getting there.

I am also very excited.

The above followup was added by Ted Allen on April 23, 2010 at 8:05 am PST.

Secondo Avocado tree

Does anyone here know much about the Secondo Avocado. I heard it is a cross of a Hass and Sharwill. And does anyone know I can purchase a Secondo Avocado tree online or here in CALI?

The above followup was added by David in Modesto on May 08, 2010 at 10:56 pm PST.


T....I was wondering what the status is of the small avos you bought at the green scene. How are they coming....and how did you plant them? I re-potted both my Nimlioh and Queen into 5 gal pots. Although I was careful....I did want to knock off some of that mucky/sticky soil. The Nimlioh is sprouting out nicely....the Queen is not really doing much yet. I continue to read about the several advantages to a Mexican rootstock. I wish we had this...probably not.

The above followup was added by Ed of Somis on May 09, 2010 at 7:52 am PST.

They seem to be doing well

Hi Ed,

All three seem to be doing well. They all had some new growth when I planted them in the ground and I haven't really paid close attention to whether there is more growth now than when I planted. But, none of them dropped leaves or had any noticable negative symptoms.

I just planted them in native soil with the rootball a bit higher than the surrounding soil. I then mounded the soil up against them and covered with a bit of compost and then mulch. I also sprinkled some gypsum on the mulch and hosed it in (my soil here tends to be a bit high in magnesium and low in sulfur so I use it from time to time anyway but a lot of the planting instructions recommend it for avocados also). So far I've been watering them by hand every few days or so based on how the soil feels. Once they are a bit more established I'll hook them up to drip but for now I want to watch them a bit more closely.

I plan to try to get some shade cloth over them soon. They are so small they just look like they'd get fried in our summers here.

I'm not overly concerned about the rootstock at this point. I'd be kind of surprised if they didn't use one of their Mexican varieties as a rootstock but if they didn't the trees still might make it.

One thing that you could do if it is really worrying you is to keep them in the containers long enough to get sufficient growth to graft to a rootstock that you get from a nursery. That's probably what I'll do if this first batch doesn't make it for me, but I'm going to give these a try as they are and see how it goes. Even the mexican variety rootstocks are a bit of a gamble because being seedlings every one will have different properties.

The above followup was added by Ted Allen on May 09, 2010 at 8:27 am PST.

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