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Grafting tape

Grafting tape

As a test and for practice I did some grafts a few weeks ago. I was waiting for my grafting tape to come in the mail and I was getting impatient. So, Took a couple of cuttings off a Cherimoya and randomly grafted them onto other Cherimoya. Well, I did not have the grafting tape so I used different tapes I had on hand. Keep in mind I only did one graft of each.
Vinyl electrical tape....failed. It was difficult to use.
Masking tape, sealed with candle wax.....failed very difficult to use.
Waxed string, sealed with candle wax....very easy and I thought this one would take but alas, failure, In a pinch I will try this again.
Teflon plumbers tape. and sealed only the end with candle wax....success! The problem I had was getting the tape started. The tape is so slippery that you have to tie a real knot or the slightest tug pulls the tape away.
Anyway, just for fun, simple splice grafts. Just tried my first veneer graft a week ago. Real grafting tape (Not paraflilm, but I want to start using that) and real grafting wax. It's not dried out.

The following thread was started by George on June 26, 2009 at 6:49 pm PST


mostly all i use is the 1/2 inch green tie tape for my grafts i do have some parafilm tape for bud grafting but rarely bud anything. no mater its all in what works for you

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I have used many types

I have used masking tape many, many times successfully. Black electrical tape is also quite commonly successful. Lately I have been using rubber bands. They are not specifically for grafting, so they're much cheaper, but these ones are wide and long enough. They hold pressure on the graft, they break with sunshine after awhile, and they can be used in the rain. I cover it with grafting compound.
John S

The above followup was added by John S on June 27, 2009 at 6:04 pm PST.

I use

I use Buddy Tape, and Para film, then wrap the union with 1/2 wide green poly tape to insure maximum surface contact.

At one time I only used the green soft 1/2 inch wide poly tape only with great success on some things, then coated with yellow grafting latex.


The above followup was added by David Johnson, Waterford CA, zone 14 on June 27, 2009 at 6:41 pm PST.

Grafting tape is a waste of money

IMHO, I would not spend the extra money on grafting tape. I use $3 rolls of semi-transparent gray tree tie tape, you can get it at any nursery. I use the gray stuff because the green colored one seems not as strong nor as elastic. But the green stuff works too.

So far, I've had 95% success on all my grafts.

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