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A forum for growing rare fruits, edibles and Permaculture with a focus on tropicals.

Permaculture and Food Forests Gain National Attention

Postby J.Valenzuela,Novato » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:37 pm

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Permaculture and Food Forests Gain the Greatest National Attention Yet:

The time for collaborative public poly-cultures has come-
Here are two beautiful fruiting bodies everyone is admiring from coast to coast,
as the wide web of permaculture projects spread spores of inspiration across the nation:

University of Mass. Permaculture Progam wins nation wide competition, the White House's 'Campus Champions of Change Challenge'. Accepting the award next week, a team of 15 U Mass Permaculturists will be honored at the White House by the president.

And, the collaborative community design process and fruit-full vision of the (yet to be planted) Beacon Hill Food Forest in Seattle, has captured the imagination of the nation, with an AP news article and a national radio interview with Food Forester Jenny Pell.

Let us celebrate these accolades for our allies, while we continue the some times new, but often long term, local work that builds the foundation for a fruit-full future, and a nourishing now.

Details below-

UMass permaculture program wins White House campus challenge vote
Staff Writer Amherst Gulletin
Friday, March 9, 2012
When University of Massachusetts students eat at the Franklin Dining Commons, they can look outside to see some portion of their food growing in a garden that has earned the university national recognition.
The UMass effort to use more locally grown food, put more land to productive use and give students a better understanding of where their food comes from, known as the permaculture program, won the White House's Campus Champions of Change Challenge as the best embodiment of "the president's goal to win the future."
Link to the full article here:

Blog on the Permaculture Institiute of Australia by Ryan Harb, U Mass Student,
UMass Permaculture Wins White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge!
by Ryan Harb March 7, 2012
We did it everyone! It is now official. The UMass Permaculture team will be heading to the White House on March 15! This has been an amazing and inspiring week to see the voting results unfold and be in the center of it all. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support you’ve provided us with.
Read entire blog post at link here:

'Living on Earth'
Public Radio International's Environmental News Magazine
Seattle Food Forest
Air Date: Week of March 9, 2012
Plans are underway to establish a seven-acre food forest in the heart of Seattle. The forest will feature a variety of food-bearing trees, shrubs, and vines, and be free and open to the public. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with permaculture expert Jenny Pell about how efforts like this one can change the landscape and culture of American cities.
link to the entire radio segment (both audio and transcription) here:

This AP story on the Beacon Hill Food Forest Project was picked up nation wide- by Huffington Post, Washington Post, even Forbes, in addition to many local papers.
In Seattle, plans for a harvestable 'food forest'
By MANUEL VALDES, Associated Press
March 7, 2012
SEATTLE (AP) — A plot of grass sits in the middle of Seattle, feet from a busy road and on a hill that overlooks the city's skyline. But it's no ordinary patch of green. Residents hope it will become one of the country's largest "food forests."
The park, which will start at 2 acres and grow to 7, will offer city dwellers a chance to pick apples, plums and other crops right from the branch.
"I think it's a great opportunity for the people of Seattle to be able to connect to the environment," said Maureen Erbe, who walked her two dogs next to the plot on a recent overcast day.
Would she pluck some fruits from the forest?
"Heck yes, I love a good blueberry. You're not from Seattle if you don't like a good blueberry," she said.
Link to the full article here:

Re: Permaculture and Food Forests Gain National Attention

Postby Merbert » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:00 am

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This is wonderful news, and it represents change in a positive direction. Just yesterday I was viewing a video of a 2-acre food forest in a Vietnamese suburb which has sustained a family with fruit, vegetables, medicinal and cooking herbs, eggs and some meat, for 28 generations (300 years).

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