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Please welcome new members here and if you have not introduced yourself yet, take a minute to let people know a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm Duncan

Postby rduncanh » Tue May 29, 2012 1:59 pm

Posts: 1
Joined: Tue May 29, 2012 1:25 pm
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Climate Zone: USDA zone 10
I live in Melbourne Florida and have been Gardening in the Brevard county area since the 70's. My main emphasis has been edible plants and culinary herbs and spices. I also intermix ornamentals in the front of the property for asthetics and to encourage pollinators.
I am currently growing many fruiting plants on my small lot; mostly Myrtaceae, including Grumichama, Pitomba, Wax Jambu, Strawberry Guava, Dwarf Myrtle, Brazilian Guava, and Feijoa.
I also have a Carambola, a Jujube, a couple Kei apples, a Brandy Bush, an Acerola, a fig, a ponderosa lemon, papayas, a cocoplum, four passifloras, a Brazos Blackberry, a Mysore Raspberry, and an everbearing mulberry.
Among my edible cacti include Hylocereus, Selenicereus, Cereus, and assorted Opuntias (most of the Opuntias from seed.)
I have a Cavendish, and a Red Banana as well as Musa velutina.
I have several mints including Vietnamese(Mentha) and Costa Rican(Satureja) Mints.
I also grow an assortment of peppers, eggplants, species tomatoes, and edible mallows. Many of these survive through our brief freezes, surviving from one year to the next.
My latest venture has been the search for perennial Brassicas. So far I have Variegated Collards, Purple Tree Collards, Jersey Kale, and Solstice Broccoli. . My Couve Tronchuda is growing great as long as I make sure it gets watered enough on those days it doesn't rain.
Well, that's an ADD random, incomplete list of what's growing now. :D

Re: Hi, I'm Duncan

Postby sanjosefool » Wed May 30, 2012 9:35 am

Posts: 63
Joined: Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:23 pm
Climate Zone: San Jose 9b
Welcome Duncan...nice list of things growing.

There are lot of FL growers on http://tropicalfruitforum.com/. You might want to join that forum as well to see if you can find some locals with some of the plants you want. Many of them are on this forum as well....

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