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Hello from SoCal

Postby Oakspring » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:22 pm

Posts: 3
Joined: Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:04 am
Location: So. California
Climate Zone: Sunset zone 23, USDA zone 10A
AWESOME website!! THANKS!! :D

This is just the sort of info I've been looking for. We're restoring a much ignored mid-century house in the L.A. area that belonged to my wife's grandmother. Lots of charm, but the grounds have been pretty much ignored by renters for the last two decades. Our goal is to build an organic edible landscape, permaculture based postage stamp urban/suburban homestead. We've inherited a nearly dead three foot tall Avocado tree. An overgrown escapee from a too small potted Grapefruit tree. An ignored Natal Plum hedge and a half dead thirty foot 62 year old Olive tree....oh....and some sort of a dwarf Date Palm that I'm not sure is edible. We've turned some of our long abandoned flower beds into Vegetable and Herb gardens, as well as building raised bed gardens.

We've only just started our landscape renovation with the addition of two small blueberry plants. I've spent weeks finding, digging up, repairing and replacing the irrigation system. I will be fully modernizing the system and adding both micro sprinklers and drips to it. I want to introduce as many fruit tree varieties that I can on our suburban sized lot. Grapes, Brambles, Vines, dwarf and miniature fruit trees, basically - if it's edible I want to try to find it a happy home here. We live in Sunset zone 23/USDA zone 10a, so we have a huge range of possibilities that we can work with. I'm open to any and all ideas and suggestions.


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