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Please welcome new members here and if you have not introduced yourself yet, take a minute to let people know a little bit about yourself.

Hello, from TN!

Postby Sanddollarmoon » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:38 am

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Joined: Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:22 pm
Climate Zone: 7a
Hello! My name is Patrick, and I hail from Central Tennessee, USA. I have grown plants my whole life, but only began growing tropicals after discovering the spectacularly delicious cherimoya. I have a fascination with fruiting plants in particular, but will grow anything I can get my hands on. I greatly enjoy working with my plants, which are as follows:

Annona Cherimola (cherimoya),

Asimina Triloba (pawpaw),

Baccaurea Racemosa (menteng),

Bunchosia Argentea (peanut butter fruit),

Citrus Paradisi (grapefruit)
ruby red,

Citrus × Sinensis (orange)

Dimocarpus Longan (longan),

Diospyros Virginiana (american persimmon),

Garcinia Intermedia (lemon mangosteen),

Garcinia Nitida (asam kandis),

Inga Jinicuil (chalahuite),

Mammea Americana (mammea apple),

Mangifera Indica (mango),

Musa × Paradisiaca (banana)
california gold,

Parmentiera Edulis (guajilote),

Plumeria Sp. (plumeria)

Re: Hello, from TN!

Postby Axel » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:00 pm

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Site Admin
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Location: Hanalei Bay, HI & Fallbrook, CA
Climate Zone: 12b/H2 & 10b/S23
Welcome to the Cloudforest. That's quite a collection for Central TN. How do you overwinter your plants?
Tropical gardening in both Kaua'i windward Sunset H2/USDA 12b and Fallbrook Sunset 23/USDA 10b.

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