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Please welcome new members here and if you have not introduced yourself yet, take a minute to let people know a little bit about yourself.

Please welcome Kern from Newman

Postby Kern » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:01 pm

Posts: 61
Joined: Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:44 am
Location: Newman, Ca.
Climate Zone: USDA 9b
My name is Kern, and I live in Newman, Ca. Newman is about 25 miles southwest of Modesto 3 miles east of I-5. I have lived in Newman all of my 59 years.

I love to fish, hunt, golf, garden, and spend time with the most perfect person on the planet, my high school sweetheart, my wife Gayle. If I had nothing else on this planet but my wife, I would be the richest person on the planet!

I do a lot of volunteering, and currently am a Rotarian, a chamber of commerce director, a hunter safety instructor for California Fish and Game, a director on the Turlock mosquito abatement board, a golf course rater for the Northern California Golf Association, and a CRFG member. I have been a Rotarian for 33 years and have perfect attendance.

In my spare time, I own and manage a small lumberyard/hardware store in Newman. I started working here when I was 12, and have worked here every year since then. My wife and I purchased the business in 2003.

I have a large yard with 29 stone fruit trees (most planted 3 to a mound), 20 dwarf citrus trees, 12 pomegranate trees, 19 fig trees, 3 avocado trees, and 1 grape. All of the stone fruit trees are multi-grafted, with about 150 varieties on them. One avocado has 8 varieties on it. I will be removing half the figs to make room for more citrus and grapes and pomegranates.

Gayle and I really enjoy walking around the yard and tasting fruit. By next year we will have fruit from our trees every day of the year. The only reason we don't now, is that most of the citrus and the avocados are very young.

My yard is covered in California poppies all spring each year.

This fall I put down about 40 yards of ground up almond trees over the entire yard to conserve water and keep the weeds under control, and hopefully to help in lowering the ph in the soil eventually. Our city water is very hard and salty with a ph of about 8.4.

My best gardening friends are David Johnson, Harvey Corriea, and Joe Real, and I would like to say Axel. I have only met Axel once and he is darn nice! We are fortunate to have this site to communicate with each other, and I can't thank Axel enough!

Anyone passing through Newman, please stop in and visit!

Kern Hunewill

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