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Forum for palm and tropical garden lovers in the Pacific Northwest who enjoy creating a tropical look in the heat challenged climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Large Black bamboo and phyllistachy vivac 'huangwenzu invers

Postby Nat9butter » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:25 am

Posts: 8
Joined: Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:06 pm
Climate Zone: Sunset 6
Have the following bamboo for sale to local Vancouver Residents .
They are Tall. 12-15 foot. 1 to 2 culms. About quarter sized or thicker culms.

P nigra Folsom Giant in large pot 15 feet tall. $10.00
Smaller size available. $5,00 these are topped to 7 feet

Phyllistachy vivac huangwenzu inversaaa. 12 foot 1 culm. Nice green suk as on gold background. $7,00

Phyllistachy bambusoides 'castillonis' 3 culms about 9 feet. $7,00

Chusqeau culex 'Pieta Nigra' coffee color culms on mature wood, these are 7 foot
Immatures. $5.00

Also avail. Oleander starts. $1.00 each
These are hardy against a south or west wall of planted in March or April.
I have the following ollies: Lane Taylor Sealy,double yellow, ruby lace.

The following oleanders aren"t tested for cold hardiness.
Most are from Greek, Austrian. and Hungarian sources:

Ellas( suppose to be rise scented) Large blooms like plumeria

Gyongillagatu-lily of the valley scented

Double red clone from Louisiana nursery

Todra Atlas Mountains. Collected by owner of the oleander haus website. Austria

I am in the hazel dell area of Vancouver adjacent to Eisenhower elementary school.

My email is : nat9butter@ yahoo dot com or my cell

503 341-0670.

Bring large vehicle for boos. They can be transported horizontally with plastic sheeting rope and tarps. They are. Heavy. I have a hand truck to assist in moving the boos. Can possibly take them as intact root ball plants

Boos in pots need water in winter too to prevent complete dry out. Especially larger leaves varieties like vivac.

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