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A forum to exchange scions between Cloudforest members. Requests and offers for all scions, including tropical scions can be posted here.

have Reineke Sapote, Yellow Champaca, Roseapple cuttings

Postby Michelle » Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:07 pm

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Location: Alameda Ca
Climate Zone: USDA Zone 9
I plan to trim my Reineke Sapote down quite a bit, probably 5 feet of it down to a manageable size. I need to grow it in container and its far too tall right now. Will need to train it to grow low and bushy. I also plan to trim my Yellow Champaca, Roseapple , and loquat trees( I think Champaign variety) and can provide cuttings.

If anyone would like cuttings in the bay area I can meet you somewhere on the East bay.

If you have any Avocado cuttings or wax jambu cuttings that would be great. I already have Stewart and Mexicola grande avocados. Would like to try little cado, Haas, Sharwill, Oro Negro or any others that have good quality fruit.

this is a pic of my sapote,, too tall.
photo.jpg (112.38 KiB) Viewed 923 times

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