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Olive and figs on the So. Oregon coast

Olive and figs on the So. Oregon coast

Anyone having any luck growing either olive or fig trees on the Southern Oregon coast (Ophir)? And I mean not far from the ocean with Humbug Mountain in view. Wet and windy in winter-- but not foggy; dry and windy in summer-- but not foggy then either. Thanks for any info on the subject whatsoever.

The following thread was started by Mycek on April 11, 2010 at 4:31 pm PST

figs on the oregon coast

there is or was a large fig tree in langelois. that when i sae it many moons ago bore a nice crop of figs. figs do best with warmth so would recommend that they be planted in the same kind of spot otherwise reserved for roses and tomatoes--- south or west exposure (preferably against a wall) protected from cold winds. look for vairieteis that are more tolerant of cooler conditions like (possibly) "desert king" or similar. good luck.

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figs for cool summers

There are, believe it or not, cool-summer fig varieties. The main one is 'Neveralla' (a.k.a 'Osborne's Prolific'). I haven't tried it yet, but it is supposedly the best for the far northern coast of California and so logically, should do well here also. In fact, it doesn't do well at all in hot-summer areas, from what I hear.

I've tried Lattarula which is supposed to be a good short-climate fig for the PNW generally. It's fruited for me, but the couple of fruit it produced weren't very good. I would have to think the Rogue Valley would be the best fig climate in Oregon for good-tasting fruit.

The above followup was added by Steve in Brookings on April 11, 2010 at 7:07 pm PST.

Figs for cool Summer areas

The best fig varieties for cool Summer areas include 'Osborne Prolific' and 'Desert king'. Osborne prolific is delicious, it has two crops, the early breba crop ripens in July and they are yummy. The second crop ripens in October here in the Santa Cruz foothills, but will not ripen in cooler areas.

Desert king only bears a breba crop unless you have fig waps to pollinate the second crop. It ripens delicious fruit even within a mile of the ocean here in Santa Cruz county.

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figs and olives in Seattle

I live in the Seattle area and my young 'Desert King' tree produced good fruit last summer. I recently got six other fig trees. As mentioned above, 'Neveralla' ('Osborne's Prolific') and 'Lattarula' ('Italian Honey Fig'). Also, 'Violette du Bordeaux' ('Negronne'), 'Violetta' ('Bayernfeige Violetta'), 'Peter's Honey Fig', and 'Cordi' ('Stella'). I haven't had the chance to get fruit from these yet but I did quite a bit of internet research. There seem to be more figs that will produce in a cool summer climate than one would think.

I also have six olive trees and my Arbequina produced 1/4 cup of usable olives late last November. My Ascolano produced one very large olive.

The above followup was added by Andrew on April 14, 2010 at 9:37 pm PST.

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