Moomi Pippin

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Fruit Fact: Moomi Pippin, a variety of apples

A "newtown pippin" style apple but with finer flesh and thinner skin, slightly earlier ripening under evaluation at the Cloudforest orchards.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Moomi Pippin
Species: malus domestica seedling
Origin: Seedling sown in the early 1970's in the hills above Corralitos
Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Medium to large greenish yellow apple with thin skin.

Flavor and tasting notes: Sweet, subacid.


medium chiller

Bloom Time Rating:

Growth Habit:

Low vigor.

Vigor: T1

Harvest, storage and consumption:

Being evaluated.

Begin of Harvest:
End of Harvest:
Stores Until:


Being evaluated.

Eating: No
Cooking: No
Cider: No


Being evaluated

Scab Susceptibility:
Fire Blight Susceptibility:
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility:
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility:
Black Rot Susceptibility:
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility:
Fly Speck Susceptibility:
Coddling Moth Susceptibility:

Nurseries that carry this variety: