Cloudforest Credits

Because the Cloudforest leverages several different software packages, it made most sense to list all of the packages in one central place, so this is the page. All of them are free, a testament to the amazing power of open source. My goal for this page is to give proper thanks to all the hands that contributed code to make the Cloudforest happen. Most of these people donated their efforts to the world at large simply based on their enjoyment of coding PhP. To me, this amounts to an amazing act of kindness. So credit is due where it is due.

The forum Software

The heart of the Cloudforest is the Cafe, which has been around since 1998. But times have changed, and the original Perl driven forum got overrun by spammers. It got so bad that we had no choice but to either upgrade to something else or shut down. PhPBB proved to be the most robust and high performance forum software available. So thanks to all the PhPBB contributors for making PhPBB such a great piece of software. The moderation tools and user management are out of this world and really unbeatable!


The Wiki is powered by WikiMedia, the same software that powers WikiPedia, and Semantics Wiki. It took some doing to get the TwentyTen theme to work, but it finally did work.


Yes, it looks like WordPress, but it's not. The template for the Cloudforest is based on the twentyten theme of WordPress, but there is no WordPress installation running here.

Custom Development

A number of Cloudforest features are custom development. I caught a little of the PhP coding bug, and I will continue to create new custom features. If you are interested in any of the features, please drop me a line.